Psychotherapy Center

Psychotherapy Center of New Jersey


The Psychotherapy Center is the service branch of the Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey (IPPNJ). It specializes in providing high quality individual psychotherapy to adults with a wide range of personal and emotional difficulties. The Psychotherapy Center offers contemporary psychoanalytic therapy to people experiencing various difficulties, and helps these people to make important and positive changes in their lives.
What is Psychoanalytic Therapy?

Psychoanalytic therapy is an in-depth learning experience through which individuals can make significant and positive changes within their lives. Therapists listen very carefully and help people to identify dysfunctional patterns that have hindered their enjoyment and success in life. We believe that psychological and emotional conflicts can interfere with daily living and prevent people from realizing their potential. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and relationship problems can be difficult to alleviate without professional attention. Psychoanalytic therapy fosters emotional growth and psychological health, which like anything of value takes time and investment. Many clients have benefited from intensive forms of psychoanalytic treatment by participating in more than one session per week.